Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A New Beginning

Hey everyone!

I am so glad to see you back!  Welcome to the newcomers!  How are you doing?  I hope that 2012 has been treating you well! 

I have been doing some light research and reading/looking at some blogs, and I realized that I wanted to head in a new direction with this blog.  I have several friends and family who marvel at my culinary skeells (yes, I have skeells not skills) and the healthy, easy recipes that I make so that will be the main focus.  I will still be making recipes from different countries and cultures as variety is the spice of life!  Of course, I'll have some random posts here and there; as a preview, I am creating posts about my balcony garden, my cats, recycling/composting and my wedding (WOOT!). 

As for the past blog posts--I have decided that I am taking down the old posts.  The recipes that I really loved will be reposted, and I might rework the ones that I didn't like too much.  In all honesty, they will probably fall to the bottom of the list (if they even make the list).

I am in the process of getting some recipes to post together.  You know--deciding which recipes to make (of the literal stack that I have!) and then grocery shopping.  I'm going to share some tried and true recipes that I have in my arsnel like Spicy Buffalo Chicken Dip and Healthy Brownies (not to worry!  I have tested my brownie recipe, and I have yet to meet ANYONE who doesn't LOVE it!). 

I am very excited about the layout and colors! I'm not a huge fan of pink, or pinkish colors, but I did very much like the burnt rose color and dark fuschia with the grey accents.

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