Friday, November 2, 2012

Favorite Blogs

In this blog-filled world, there are soooo many to read and fall in love with but soooo little time!  I have some favorites that I want to share with my lovely readers.  SURPRISE!!!  Only TWO are food blogs!

Girl with Curves--I love fashion!  However, most of it is geared to those women who are incredibly blessed with a high metabolism and light frames....  For the rest of us, we have had to scrape by in the past.  I found this blog and fell in love!  She demonstrates how to dress for a curvy figure and make it fashionable!  Her motto: When life gives you curves, FLAUNT them!  (Amen!)

smitten kitchen--Delicious (for the most part easy!) recipes!  I have not gotten one recipe that didn't work or taste fantastic!  There are just too many and so little time!  I get a good portion of my inspiration from this lady who lives in New York City and has a kitchen tinier than mine (which mine is pretty tiny....)

the beauty department--These women are professional makeup artists and hairstylists based in LA.  They have some awesome tips, makeup tricks, and hairstyles that I have used and gotten many, many compliments.  They break down the steps and give you videos/pictures to follow along with the instructions.  When they have tips and tricks, they cover a wide range of skin tones, eye shapes, etc so they are very thorough.

The Dating Divas--Isn't the first part of a relationship so nice?  You go on dates and spend quality time together....*sigh*  Then you move in together/get married/have children, and all of a sudden the dating stops.  Life gets in the way sometimes.  These ladies have a great idea: date your spouse/significant other--plan dates and go!  They have some awesome ideas for just a couple, group dates, couples with children, and more!  They also give advice and tips on relationships and children and other such topics.  I found this website earlier this year, and I have been obsessed!  Ben and I love going on our dates from planning the date to writing the invitation to actually going.  Granted, I do most of the invitations, planning and execution, but Ben is learning to 'invite' me to dates through emails and text messages (hey--you have to start somewhere).  They have some fantastic ideas which I can't wait to try!

Shiksa in the Kitchen--This blog was a recent discovery, but everything I've made so far has been excellent (and easy!).  The blog's author and husband are Jewish who come from Israel.  I love Mediterranean food, and her blog is filled with yummy recipes for authentic Mediterranean food along with Jewish specific recipes like Matzo and other Kosher foods.  I am all about expanding my horizons!  The best part is, she is a food anthropologist so she does the history of food too!  She has another blog called The History Kitchen in which she recreates historical recipes (like the Titanic's last meal) along with their history.  Pretty awesome!

HRH Duchess Kate--This blog follows the fashion and news of Duchess Catherine.  She became one of my style icons over these last few months for her courage to recycle (shocking for such a high profile person!) her wardrobe and classic, elegant, sophisticated, lady-like style.  Thankfully, this style is coming back into mainstream fashion (somewhat).  I have always been a huge supporter of this type of style, and I strive to look (and act) lady-like at all times. 

So there you have it!  Anyone have any suggestions for others?  I'd love to expand my favorites!
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