Friday, November 30, 2012

Favorite Restaurants

I don't go out to eat too often, but when I do, I typically head to my favorites. I do try new restaurants on the occasion especially if recommended by friends and family. I will almost always pick a local restaurant over a chain (unless travelling when local choices are limited). So here are my favorite restaurants in and around Lexington, KY with one in Louisville, KY. I highly recommend these restaurants; they have excellent food and superb service!

Taqueria Aguacalientes--Unfortunately, this restaurant doesn't have a website/facebook I can link, but they are located on Alexandria Drive.  This restaurant is very authentic Mexican food; it was recommended to me by a native Mexican, and now I cannot go any where else because the food is no where near as good as this place!  Ben and I had their fajitas in October; I've had their tacos, burritos, sopas, tortas, etc (haven't had the quesadilla yet...).  The chicken soup makes me feel better when I feel under the weather.  They make everything in the restaurant or buy it from the local tortilla maker or bakery across the street (all are owned by the same family).  Watch out though: some of the waitresses speak a bit English so you might have to dust off the high school Spanish!

Sutton's--The food is mostly Italian with an American twist.  Interesting food (pizza burger, Hot Brown pizza, to name a few!) and fantastic service.  The owner comes to each table to make sure everything is fabulous, and he's made a few recommendations that I have tried and has not failed.  Their bread pudding is TO. DIE. FOR!  I have been commissioned/challenged by a friend to make bread pudding like that, and I won't lie when I say that I don't know where to begin!

Le Matin Bakery--This is a classic French style bakery.  Their sweets are superb!  My family stops by for coffee and cake on the occasion (or else we would be VERY fat!).  In fact, the last few times we were there, we might have had two rounds of desserts....  They also serve lunch items which I haven't tried yet because I can't get past the counter cases full of croissants and cookies and cakes and tarts and tortes!

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{How can you walk by that without trying EVERYTHING?!}

Oasis Restaurant--I love Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food (it's my favorite!), and so naturally I would scout around for an excellent place to get some in Lexington.  This place was recommended by a chef instructor, and I have been going there for years!  Excellent hummus, chicken shawarma (my favorite EVER), falafels, tabbouli, and I could go on and on!  The owners are a husband and wife team; one is from Turkey/Lebanon and the other Greece.

The Pub--The pub-like atmosphere, the bar right when you walk in stocked to the brim with various beers, wines, and liquors, and the hearty food all have made this one of my favorite places!  It's a small chain, but it's still very good with unique menus items like Scotch Eggs, Pretzel Beer Cheese Burger, Shepard's Pie, Bangers and Mash, Fish and Chips, Tipsy Laird, just to name a few!  A great place to hang out and cut up with friends!

Pho BC--This is a Vietnamese restaurant.  I love the clean flavors of Vietnamese cuisine especially in their soups, which is called Pho in the native language.  When I say 'clean' I mean light and crisp--green onions, lime juice, basil, and cilatnro.  I LOVE pho, and that's all I usually get at the restaurant.  They do have other dishes which I have yet to try.

J Alexander's--This is the restaurant located in Louisville.  My grandmother and I stopped to eat on one of our trips to the city, and we got hooked on the Braised Red Cabbage with Goat Cheese (it was a seasonal vegetable although we wish it was on the menu permanently!).  Whenever we go to Louisville, we stop and eat.  The food NEVER disappoints, and everything is cooked to perfection.  The service is superb!

What are your recommendations for restaurants in Lexington?  I'd love to hear them!

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