Monday, July 23, 2012

Ode to the KitchenAid

How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways......

Although an inanimate object, I do have to thank my WONDERFUL mixer: KitchenAid!!!  If you are in the market for a fabulous mixer, I would recommend this brand hands down.  I have a Professional Plus 5 which handles LOTS of double and triple recipes with no problem. 

If you want to learn the specifics or mechanics please go here.  The mixer comes with the bowl and three attachments (paddle, whisk, and dough hook) and many different colors.  Bed, Bath, and Beyond has a good coupon program if you sign up so you could get this mixer as much as $60 cheaper.  It is an investment; my mixer is 4-5 years old and still going strong.  If you do as much baking as I do--the professional is a must!  KitchenAid makes smaller stand mixers and some hand mixers too.

KitchenAid also makes different attachments for the mixer so you could make your own pasta, mill your grains, shred foods, or grind your own meat.  I really can't say enough about it!

PS--I would be a skinnier woman (family and friends too!) if I didn't have this mixer :oDPin It

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