Monday, August 13, 2012

Ikea Bread

Who loves the smell of baking bread?  EVERYONE!  Although Ben and I can't afford to buy organic food (I wish that we could!), I try to do the next best thing which is to make EVERYTHING we consume from scratch to reduce the ingestion of preservatives and chemicals.  So I am on a mission to find a bread recipe (without using a bread machine) that is fool proof and easy beyond belief. 

{Good, solid, hearty bread!}

Soooo I found this bread-mix-in-a-box at Ikea (I'm obsessed!) that has no chemicals or preservatives; plus, it is LOADED with grains, seeds, and whole wheat.  All the you have to do is add water, shake, pour, rise, and bake.  I had to take it home and try it!

{Easy--just add water!}
The mix cost only $5 for the box and made a beautiful loaf that Ben and I can't get enough of!  It reminds me of the bread I used to eat in Germany: hearty and heavy.  Cheap: check.  Easy: check.  Delicious: double check!

{Ready to go in the oven}

Unfortunately, the closest Ikea for Lexington is in Cincinnati, but I make the trip once or twice and buy at least 6 boxes to hold me over until I can make a trip again! 

Do you make your own bread?  What is your favorite bread?

PS--I am working on another from-scratch recipe for our bread so stay tuned!

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