Sunday, August 19, 2012

Roasting Vegetables

I love roasting vegetables.  The flavors change and become softer and sweeter.  I especially love fall and winter when roasting vegetables keeps the kitchen nice and warm with great smells wafting from the oven... *sigh*  Did I mention I love fall?  (This weather is also not helping my obsession with all things fall!)

My family loves tomatoes, and between my grandparents and future in-laws, I have no shortage of tomatoes for my enjoyment.  I am currently drowning in tomatoes, and so instead of trying to eat them all, I have turned to roasting them and freezing them.

{Yummy roasted tomatoes!}

Roasting any vegetable is easy: clean the vegetable, cut to desired thickness, drizzle in olive oil, sprinkle salt and pepper on it, and roast at 400 degrees until tender and carmelized.  Then use or store.

Tomatoes are a bit special: cut an X into the bottom so the skin is easier to peel off (see how some of the skin is falling off?  That means it's done); then pull off the peel and use or freeze.  Easy! 

Now I have roasted tomatoes that I can do anything with--add them to a roasted vegetable and quinoa salad (coming later on in the fall!) or add them to spaghetti sauce or make sloppy joes or make pizza sauce or make ketchup or goulasch--the possiblities are endless!  (I'm a bit excited, can't you tell?)

So go to the garden or farmer's market and start roasted and storing some of those delicious vegetables that are plentiful at the moment!
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