Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beautiful Flutterbys

Our caterpillars have finally transformed!  We found caterpillars on my herbs and decided to raise them!  The experience has been wonderful, and I would do it again.  In fact, Ben and I saw tadpoles (which I have never seen in person) on a hike at a new park for my birthday.  Don't worry--they stayed at the park!  They were are the stage where they had to breathe air and were growing legs.  Nature is so incredile!

{The first butterfly to hatch!}

{The cocoon turns black about 18-24 horus before the butterfly comes out!  This is the second butterfly}

{The second butterfly}

Both butterflies were released into the world as soon as they were flitting around in the cage.  Their wings had to dry out; plus, I wanted to get pictures of their wings because it will tell us what the gender of the butterfly is.

According to this site we raised-- TWO FEMALES!!!  Awwwww!!!  (No--we didn't name them mainly because we didn't know what they were LOL)

Now when Ben and I go for a walk and see a butterfly, I can identify these (along with Monarchs--that's all I'm good for LOL)!  So awesome! 

PS--I had to clean out the cage with caterpillar vomit since 'I wanted to watch them grow'.  Ben enjoyed seeing it too because he was the first to spot that they both had hatched.  I would do it again in half a heartbeat ;o) 
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