Friday, January 4, 2013

Food for Thought: New Year means New Goals

It's a new year, and that means new beginnings!  Have you made your resolutions yet?  I am trying something different this year--instead of resolutions, I'm making goals!  I have them ready to print and hang up on the fridge so that I can see them every day; I can't forget them that way!

I wanted to share the goals that I have for the blog (so excited!).

First up, this little post!  On Fridays, I will be posting "Food for Thought".  These topics can range from anything regarding food like showing caloric values on restaurant menus like California does to a motivational quote that has made me think or sharing updates.  I'm very excited for this expansion!

Secondly, I have re-vamped my Spice It UP!!! series; the last week of the month, I will be featuring a spice or ingredient and linking it to recipes that I have made.  Which leads me to....

I will also be concentrating more on actual meals.  I realized that I have done mostly desserts which although delicious, definitely contributed to my clothes feeling a bit snug at the moment. 

I will be limiting myself to two dessert recipes a month that have healthy nutritional value (yes--chocolate has nutritional value!) for my waistline and yours!

I will be maintaining a consistent posting schedule of at least 3 posts per week, typically Monday, Wednesday, and Friday barring holidays. 

Exciting stuff is going to happen here at Girl Eats World! 

Personally, I have some goals that I plan on achieving and one of them is to lose those few pounds that I gained through exercising and maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.  I was watching TV on New Year's Day, and I saw the commerical for Special K (this is not an endorsement) with their slogan What will you GAIN when you LOSE?  It really got me thinking, and I really love that slogan!  Many people start out the new year with ambitious dieting goals about losing XX pounds or whatnot.  Instead, I encourage you to think about the slogan: what will YOU gain if you lose?

Personally, I would gain my wardrobe back (which was bought after losing 20 pounds) and self-confidence because my clothes fit like they should.  I would also gain energy from exercising and eating healthy foods.  I will gain more sleep and less sickness.

So if weight loss is one of your goals/resolutions, what will YOU gain when you lose?

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