Friday, January 9, 2015

food for thought

This year I've decided that my guiding principle will be to choose love. To choose love instead of hate; choose love instead of meanness; choose love over sadness, setbacks and heartache.

I have one aspect of my life that definitely needs some love. Surprisingly, I have a hard time loving/being kind/tolerating those who I don't like. My philosophy is that if I don't like you, then I'm not around you. Unfortunately, you can't escape them all, and I know that I am not at my best when I interact with them. I can feel my body contorting with anger and cruelty; my face hardens and my speech is clipped, short and hard. My soul just quietly sits there saying "you know this is wrong".

This year I will be treating those that I don't like just like I treat an aspect of myself that I don't like: with love, kindness and patience. Will I love them eventually? Maybe not, but I know that I didn't add to the cruelty and unkindness the world can show.

What are you focusing on this year?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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