Friday, February 27, 2015

food for thought

You know, I've been thinking long and hard about this quote.  I would have to disagree and change it. 

I LOVE my job; however, there are days that love is not enough.  I have to make myself work, and this is coming after a very hard few days of work along with a few more hard days ahead.  I don't think it's the work or the job that make it hard, but the people, situation, or other uncontrollable aspects of the job that make it hard sometimes.  I know that it will quiet down, and I will not have to work so hard to do my job.  For now, I will have to push through it.

How would I change this quote?  "Do what you love, and those hard days will be much easier"  It's just like a relationship: real, deep and true love will get you through the hard times.

Anyway-I'm looking forward to relaxing and visiting with family this weekend.  You have a happy weekend too!

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