Monday, March 2, 2015

monthly munchies | March

Yay!  It's the start of another month!  Can you believe that we are already 1/6 through this year?  How crazy is that?!

 {Because sometimes a snack does mean eating chocolate cake!}

Not really much going on in March, but there are a few things:
  • If you haven't yet, sign up for the Lexington Farmer's Market weekly newsletter to get recipes from me right to your inbox along with market news (closures, special announcements, availability, etc).  You can go here to sign up.
  • March has St Patrick's Day, and I have been making some Irish recipes that I think you'll love including an easy fish recipe and delicious chocolate cake!
  • The rest of the month will have the same easy, healthy recipes!

Have a safe and wonderful March my friends!  Hopefully, we will start to see some normal temperatures around these parts because this winter has been a bit difficult with all the gray....  I have seen spring flowers poking their heads out!

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