Wednesday, March 4, 2015

how-to | make quick oats

Have you ever been in the midst of making a recipe when you realize that you have no quick-cooking oats, only old-fashioned rolled oats?  Yeah me too!  I panicked, and then I thought, there must be a solution!  So I looked online, and who would have guessed?  You can make quick-cooking oats out of the old-fashioned rolled oats, and it's so easy!

how-to | make quick oats
 {Step 1:  Grab a box of old-fashioned oats}

how-to | make quick oats
 {Step 2:  Place oats in a food processor}

how-to | make quick oats
 {Step 3:  Pulse until oats are cut into chunks.  Don't go too far or you'll have oat flour!}

How easy is that?  The internet saved my behind!  Has it ever saved yours in a situation like this?

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