Saturday, June 9, 2012

Those DARN Cats Introduction

As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat. --Ellen Perry Berkeley

Growing up, we had a cat named Garfield. He was a long-haired cat that didn't like many people besides my mom (I guess pulling a cat around by his tail when a toddler is an act to be revenged for the rest of the toddler's life). Then we got a dog when I was about thirteen, and we called him Magic. Magic loved cats; in fact, he would lay down to be cleaned by my grandparents' cat. Since he loved cats, and I wanted a cat I decided to rescue one for him for Christmas in 2008. Unfortunately, fate had other plans, and Magic was killed about three weeks before Christmas. Utterly grieved, I told my best friend supplying the cat that I didn't want it anymore. She said she would just bring it over, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Year by year I have rescued cats, and now I have a glare of cats! No more will be rescued by me, I am afraid. Three cats in one apartment is plenty! Let's meet them! (Yes--I realize that they are all tabbies, and yes, it was a complete accident!)

 Loki came to me as a fuzzy little hellion named Little Devil/Demon (seriously).  Not a name I was fond of; I wanted something easy to say and short.  Someone suggested Thor, and my brain immediately landed on Loki.  He was instrumental in my healing process; I made sure to play with him at least once a day.  Although a mischief maker in his baby years, Loki has turned out to be a very laid-back cat; he is not clingy although he does get VERY jealous when Ben and I sit on the couch together.  He is a very long and lean cat; if he was in Egypt at the height of it's pharaoh-glory, he would have been worshipped.  He is my towel warmer in the morning, and he is the biggest of my cats at about 11 pounds and the alpha.   

Ari was an accidental rescue.  Christmas 2009, I stopped at Petsmart to get Loki a Christmas present (pets should really have presents on their birthday, Christmas, and all other respective holidays).  Being as it was Christmas, many shelters were there for adoptions.  I spotted a little kitten that was so scared and tiny; I held him and fell in love.  The adoption agency had just caught him feral a few days before so I got him for free because they didn't know his temperament.  So instead of getting Loki a toy for Christmas, I got him a kitten.  Ben and I had been discussing getting Loki a companion, and fate just seemed to give us the kick we needed.  Ben named Ari which is Hebrew for "Lion of God".  Ari is very scaredy; he doesn't like loud noises, and even after having him for so many years, he can't take our sudden movements or standing over him.  He does love to be scratched everywhere, even his belly.  He LOVES to play fetch, and he is the most vocal of our cats.  He is not clingy, but if you sit or lay down, he is right there to sit on you.  He loves to chew on anything cloth; I can't bring a new toy into the apartment because as the sun will shine, he will have it destroyed before the hour is up.  He has even eaten through some of our clothes, and he has stolen our dish rags and towels.  We bought him dog chews and learned to put all cloth materials out of his reach!

Ziffi was another rescue although she was on purpose.  She was abandoned in the apartment across from us for at least three days with no food and water.  We got the landlord to open the door, and this poor, starving flea-infested kitten ran out.  She was very sad-looking.  We tried to find her a home, but after a few days, she and Ben strongly bonded.  She didn't necessarily hate me, but she would let Ben pet her and pick her up--just things like that.  We didn't name her, but when we decided to keep her, we had to name her.  Long story short--I saw the name Ziffel, and I immediately came up with Ziffi.   She seemed to like it because she answered to it almost immediately.  She is such an energetic, intelligent cat; she is a born huntress, and we can tell she is very bored being inside.  She climbs anything she can; she gets into any food left out.  We tried to break her of her counter-surfing habits, but short of electrocuting her, we just learned to put everything up.  All of my kitty stories usually involve her in some form  or fashion!  I must admit though, she has snuck into my heart!

So there you have it!  My glare of cats!  Do you have any pets?  What are their names?  How'd you adopt them?  I love pet stories so tell me yours!Pin It

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