Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday Tip: Season Wooden Spoons

Huh?  Season wooden spoons?  Why would anyone do that?

Those are the same questions I asked when my grandpa asked if I seasoned my wooden spoons.  He took that as a "no", and he taught me about why and how to season wooden spoons.  In a nutshell, wooden is an organic material that breaks down overtime.  Just like a cast iron skillet needs to be seasoned, so do wooden spoons!

Wooden spoons also have some rules:
  1. Do not soak wooden spoons in any liquid at any time.
  2. Do not use soap on wooden spoons.
  3. Any time a wooden spoon touches raw meat or eggs, re-season it before using it again.
How do you season wooden spoons?  It's really easy and only took about 5 minutes!

unseasoned wooden spoons
{Step 1:  Lay out your unseasoned (and sad) wooden spoons}

fuzzy wooden spoonsplintered wooden spoon
 {Step 2:  Look over your spoons for dents, fuzziness, splinters, etc.  The spoon on the left is fuzzy while the one on the right is splintering}

olive oil and fine sandpaper
 {Step 3:  Take fine grit sandpaper and sand the wooden spoons until smooth.  You can sand out burn marks, fuzziness, and even small splinters!}

oiled wooden spoons
 {Step 4:  Take olive oil (one used for frying or sauteing) and rub down the wooden spoons.  Make sure to give each groove a good massage!}

wooden spoons in oven
{Step 5:  Place the wooden spoons in the oven and turn it on to 350.}

{Step 6:  As soon as the oven reaches 350, turn the oven off and leave the wooden spoons in the oven to cool.}

seasoned wooden spoons
{Step 7:  Take your cooled wooden spoons out of the oven and admire their shininess and softness!}

Then follow the rules mentioned above, and your wooden spoons will keep for YEARS!  The wooden spoon on the far left has been in my family for YEARS.  It needs to be seasoned really well a few more times.  The others were much newer and looked brand new after only seasoning them once.  The rubber spatula did fine in a 350 oven because it's heat proof to 450.  If you're not sure, I wouldn't risk it!

Since this is so easy, I'll definitely be doing this once a week to keep my spoons healthy!

Have you ever heard or done this?

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