Friday, October 3, 2014

Food for Thought

This week was month end for the accounting world, and it actually went very smoothly.  Well, all except for that one moment someone came with about 60 folders that I had to invoice out before we closed the month.  I might have used an explicative to voice my frustration, but once I had them and saw them, they weren't that bad.  I still stayed at work until about 7:15 PM, but once I saw the positive, working on them made it so much easier.

Just like this quote portrays, I know that I get so overwhelmed by the negative, that I forget to look for a positive, for the beauty.  This quote reminds me to do that beautifully, and again, as fate would have it, it popped up when I needed it the most.

Have a beautiful weekend!  It's supposed to be fall out there, and I. CANNOT.  WAIT!!!!

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