Monday, December 1, 2014

monthly munchies | December

I hope that everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday!  Can you believe it's already DECEMBER?  Where does the time go?!

{Clementines--so cute, delicious, and healthy (especially this time of year)!}

Around this time of year, I simply devour clementines.  They are one of my absolute favorite fruits, and this is definitely the time of year to eat them to avoid getting sick!  I'll eat at least two per day until they aren't on sale anymore.  I'm also a snob; I only eat the ones grown in Spain (they taste better to me).

December is packed for me this year, but here is what's happening:
  • The first week of December I'll be sharing some of my favorite party recipes (hint: they are easy and so delicious!).
  • The second week of December I'll be sharing some homemade gifts that you can make in a series called gourmet gifts!  They are so easy and tasty (see a trend here?)
  • The third week of December I'll be sharing some recipes featuring local ingredients that are in season.
  • During December, I have booked myself every weekend with fun holiday stuff--a Christmas tea/brunch, decorating the house, the Nutcracker, cookie baking with the family, work Christmas party, The Hobbit movie, shopping for our yearly Christmas ornament, Christmas movie party, and Christmases with both of my families.  Whew!!!
  • I'll be taking about 2 weeks off around Christmas and New Year's.  It's the first time in several years that I have had a proper break so I am taking advantage of it (have I mentioned that I love my job--mall of that time is a paid holiday!).  Plus, I'll be in California for a week with my best friend!  I am SO EXCITED!!!!!
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Since beginning in December, the local produce available drops down to almost nothing, I'll be combining it with this series just until April.  The local produce available in December is as follows:

Apples (beginning of month)
Sweet potatoes

Yup--that's it!  You can get these at Good Foods Co-Op (definitely); they will also have other produce that was grown in a greenhouse in Kentucky so that's the place to go!

Happy December everyone!

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