Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Food for Thought | Thanksgiving

{Be Thankful}

I don't have the perfect life.  This year, I have been practicing gratitude for everything: the heartaches, the set backs, the good, the thrills, the disappointments, and the ugly.  
Around Thanksgiving, many people say they are grateful for their families, friends, having a job, etc.  I am always eternally grateful for my friends and family without whom I would most certainly be lost.  However, this year, I am most grateful for all the little things in my life.  Below is a very small sampling of the small things that I am always grateful for:

  • the daily kitty welcome committee/snuggle crew
  • the daily comments from The Hubby that he loves me, thinks that I am beautiful, sexy, intelligent, etc
  • the sunrise over a beautiful Kentucky landscape on my way to work
  • the sunset view that I have from my house
  • the surprise emails from my grandparents about how they love me and are proud of me
  • the banter and time I spend with my mom
  • the health of my body, mind and soul
  • my senses: being able to see, touch, hear, taste, and smell my surroundings
  • for the compassion that is shown to me by others (who I don't forget to thank, even if they are strangers--one person even cried after I thanked them!)
  • for authors that write the books I read
  • for the directors/writers that produce/write the movies and TV shows I watch
  • a warm, soft, safe place to lay my head at night (or for nap time in the middle of the day)
  • for all the people both near and far that make my life easier, better, safer, etc
I am not perfect, and sometimes I do forget to be grateful especially when I am sad, mad, frustrated, stressed, etc.  I am human, and I am grateful for that.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I'm taking a short break, but I'll be back next Monday!
PS--I am thankful for you too, my dear reader!  Did you really think that I would forget you?

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