Monday, November 3, 2014

monthly munchies | November

November 1st, and there is snow on the ground (okay so maybe the cars, but it's cold and snowing--that's the point).  If this is any indication, this will be a long, cold winter.

Before we get to the heart of winter, fall winds down to Thanksgiving!  That's right; it's about 3 1/2 weeks away!  Start planning!  I know that my family is, and we are trying to get a jump-start on Christmas!

carrots and ranch
 {Let's be honest--any raw veggies with ranch is a perfect snack (at least in my book)}

So what's happening around a girl eats world in November?  Well...
  • It's all about THANKSGIVING!  This week, I'm doing a recap of my past Thanksgiving recipes, just to get you in the mood to start thinking about a menu.
  • Second week in November, I'll give you a sample Thanksgiving menu and tips to reduce the stressful holiday!
  • In the second week, I'll also start sharing some new recipes (brined turkey anyone?) that will go into the third week.
  • The fourth week is Thanksgiving!  I will be taking a short break from blogging on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Mainly because I have two Thanksgivings to make food for and attend.  Plus, this girl needs a rest!
  • I'm also having another giveaway so check back throughout November for more details!
  • Personally, I've gained some unwanted weight so I'm working on losing about 15 pounds.  I started last week, and I thought it would be hard.  I'm finding it's really easy (when I'm not stressed out, but I'm working on it).  I identified some unhealthy habits, kicked them to the curb, and added more intense walking to my routine.  Sorry--no desserts for a little while!
What are your plans for the month besides getting home to friends and family on Thanksgiving?

PS--Look out on instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for my contributions to and Mour Magazine throughout the month!

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