Monday, May 4, 2015

monthly munchies | May

I hope that you had a great weekend!  A royal baby was born, Derby was fun, and the weather was wonderful here in the bluegrass state!  I couldn't ask for much more!

{sometimes, what you need is strawberries, yogurt and chocolate instead of a real dinner}

Any way, what's happening this month?  I have some recipes lined up with coconut including bread, brownies, and curry sauce for fish (a bit obsessed with coconut for some reason....)  Also, I will be featuring some delicious burger combinations in preparation for your Memorial Day cook-out. 

Nothing else new and exciting really.  Getting a little personal here, but the last few weeks of life have been a wild (WILD) ride ending with us getting new car this weekend.  Needless to say my stress and anxiety have been through the roof over the last few weeks so I really didn't plan ahead much.  I should be much better this month with pre-planning for June!

I also went to see my doctor for a physical, found out I had gained about 10 pounds since last year, and promptly bought a fitbit (LOVING it by the way).  So this month I will be focusing on healthy dishes.  It won't be hard since local produce is beginning to show up at the farmer's market (check out my what's in season post tomorrow for May's produce list).

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