Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday Tip: How to Cut Peppers

Cutting peppers is difficult--enough said.  However, today I will show you how to cut up a pepper in about 30 seconds with little waste and no seeds getting everywhere!

Step 1:  Gather pepper, knife, and cutting board

Step 2:  Hold the pepper with your non-kinfe hand and cut with the curve of one side

Step 3:  Turn the pepper and cut with the curve

Step 4:  Repeat until pepper sides are cut off and the center stem remains with all the seeds attached.

Step 5:  Cut the pepper however you will need it--diced or in sticks (julienned).

This method does produce a bit more waste than most people will like.  However, this is fast and less messy than most other methods.  As always--practice makes perfect!

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