Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tuesday Tip: How to Frost or Decorate Cupcakes

I will confess--I am no master baker!  I can get by though.  For my brother's wedding, I bit the bullet and took my time to decorate and frost cupcakes.  A first for me (since culinary school at least!).  I watched YouTube videos and everything!

How to Frost or Decorate Cupcakes

This is another first for me--I videotaped me decorating these cupcakes!  I know!  I'm moving up in this blogging world by leaps and bounds!  I didn't narrate, but I'll type out directions.

Frosting Cupcakes

I wanted a simple, flat frosting job for the base.  You start in the center and work your way out in a spiral.  To finish, dip your tip back into the frosting and pull off to the side.  Easy!

Decorating Cupcakes

These were chocolate overload so what was a little more chocolate drizzle?  No much.  Below you can see my drizzling technique.  Note--the best part is the chocolate paper!  Yes, I shamelessly ate the chocolate off the paper.  Don't judge.

Sorry for being MIA, but I started a new job yesterday! Plus, I'm having to figure out a new posting schedule because Blogger, Facebook, and Pinterest are blocked at work! LOL It's a very small trade-off so I'll be figuring out how to post over the next few days so please be patient with me!

PS--I'm really, really loving my new job!  They are in the midst of change and revamping so my organizational side is in overdrive!  YAY!!! 

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