Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 Year in Review and a Look into 2014

What is it about a new year that spurs everyone into such change?  The fresh start perhaps?  Girl Eats World is no exception to this phenomenon!

So first things first--evaluation of 2013's goals:

On Fridays, I will be posting "Food for Thought".  These topics can range from anything regarding food like showing caloric values on restaurant menus like California does to a motivational quote that has made me think or sharing updates.  I'm very excited for this expansion!  COMPLETED!  Although I didn't really start posting regularly until later in the year.  At least I did start, and I will continue in 2014.

Secondly, I have re-vamped my Spice It UP!!! series; the last week of the month, I will be featuring a spice or ingredient and linking it to recipes that I have made.  COMPLETED!  I posted these on the first/first week of the month, but no matter.  I did miss two months last year.  If anyone has any suggestions for topics, I'm all ears!  I will continue this in 2014.

I will also be concentrating more on actual meals.  I realized that I have done mostly desserts which although delicious, definitely contributed to my clothes feeling a bit snug at the moment.  COMPLETED!  I believe that I have been very good about staying away from desserts and focusing more on meals.  In fact, it helped greatly that I began to utilize my crock-pot more than ever before.   I will continue this in 2014.

I will be limiting myself to two dessert recipes a month that have healthy nutritional value (yes--chocolate has nutritional value!) for my waistline and yours!  COMPLETED!  I have noticed that I am much more selective in what I make for desserts since I don't make as many.  I will continue this in 2014.

I will be maintaining a consistent posting schedule of at least 3 posts per week, typically Monday, Wednesday, and Friday barring holidays. COMPLETED!  I have actually increased my posting to 5 days a week (whew!).  I will continue this in 2014.

I am so happy with how 2013 has seen this blog grow!  I have been thinking long and hard about 2014.  I am happy with my posts and their frequency so now is the time to work on the details!

2014 Goals for Girl Eats World
  1. Work on my food photography
  2. Grow my blog's followers
  3. Guest post and host some guest posters! (email me at girleatsworld1@yahoo.com if you are interested!)
Only 3?!  Yup--I'm focusing this year to those three!  I know the my food photography is not the best; I'm still trying to find my style.  Plus, I have no natural light to work with....  It's an opportunity!  For what I don't know yet but positive attitude and lots of research and practice, practice, practice! 

On a personal note, I think this year I will be focusing on my relationships--all of them!  I was so shocked to learn recently that two members of my family are DEATHLY afraid of heights.  I have known one all of my life, and the other a good part of my life.  How could I not know that?  Plus my brother is coming home this year (WOOT!) which will be exciting because my family has never lived so close together.  I am excited for the fun and adventures that we will have! 

What are your goals for 2014?  I'd love to hear them!

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