Friday, August 22, 2014

Food for Thought

This quote fits my life perfectly right now:

For some reason, last week, I decided to change many of the processes and routines that I was doing because I did exactly as the quote said--the same thing over and over and expected different results.

Case in point--I finally stopped wearing makeup.  You heard that right--I'm talking heavy makeup like foundation and BB cream.  I tried for years and years to wear it; I tried high-end and low-end brands.  My mom told me several times that she couldn't wear heavy makeup because she would have acne, but I didn't listen (sorry mom) even though I have her skin.  I kept having acne (which I attributed to other things--diet, stress, hormones, weather), but I finally had had enough!  Two weeks with just spot concealer and powder, and my face has never been clearer.  I'm so happy because it really made me self-conscious!  I'm a woman in my late twenties; I shouldn't have acne that rivals a teenager!

Just like with this blog.  I've tried a few things out over the last year, and over the last few months, things have gotten serious.  I'm regularly contributing to another site, and I have another big plan in the works that I will hopefully get to share early next month.  I'm also thinking about changing up the content around here because I honestly get tired of just writing about recipes.  I'm sure you're tired of reading them over and over (no matter how delicious or beautiful they are!).  I'm still dreaming and looking for inspiration, but I'll hopefully have something to share in September (like sharing what produce is in season and other fun tidbits!).

For now, thanks for listening to me rant!  I hope that I might inspire you to change your routines that are no longer serving or benefiting you!

Have a beautiful weekend!

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