Friday, May 17, 2013

Food for Thought: Srping/Summer 2013 Update

I shared my Spring/Summer List for 2013 a few weeks ago, and I thought that I would update it

#12 on that list was to light a fuzzy dandelion head on fire because (according to pictures on Pinterest), it is supposed to burn very beautifully and colorfully.  So Pinterest lied.  I am sad about that.  The dandelions just went up in flames in about 1 second.  As you can tell from the picture, we could just barely capture the flame.  I even lit several dandelions on fire from several different parts of KY (they are EVERYWHERE this year!)--still nothing.  *sigh*

{At least I did some weed prevention...}

I took a day off to support my hubby as he enrolled in school (WOOT!).  He will be getting a degree in computer programming; he starts in June!  WOOT!  Anyway, that took up a bit of the morning so I planned a date for us to go ziplining in the Red River Gorge as a celebratory/make-up for April's camping trip that didn't happen.

First things first was lunch.  The hubby had always heard of the restaurant Miguel's Pizzeria at the Red River Gorge, but he had never been so we went.  It was a very unique restaurant.  You filled out a piece of paper with your crust type, cheese quantity, sauce quantity, slice number, and ingredients; then you gave it to the cashier who rang it in.  Then you sat down while your pizza was cooking.  All the ingredients they used were REAL down to homemade crust and sauce.  SO DELICIOUS!  We were ravenous, but I managed to snag a picture.

{This pizza had CHUNKS of garlic!  I was sold!}

After lunch, we had some time to kill so we went on a leisurely stroll around the state park.  

{Such a beautiful waterfall that came straight out of the rock (we might have snagged a sip or two of that fresh mountain water).}

{Isn't nature just amazing?}

{The speed limit at the state park--23 mph.  How funny is that?}

Then on to #3 zip line tour of Red River Gorge!  The hubby and I ziplined on our honeymoon, and it was fun.  That tour was a lot of work though--you had to keep your head and body straight, steer yourself, and brake yourself (glider system)--sooooo much work!  This zip line tour was a piece of cake because they used a different system (trolley) where all you have to do it hold onto the handles.  That's it!!!  You can look around, move your body, move your head, don't have to worry about steering, the lines were at least 5 times longer and faster, and they braked for you!!!!  Just AMAZING!!!

{Awesome awesome place!  I HIGHLY recommend zipping with them!}

I CANNOT wait to go back!!!  My mom is scared of heights, and I am not sure my grandparents would be willing to do this adventure.  Maybe when my brother comes home on leave?  Sounds like a plan to me!

For Mother's Day, my mom and I co-hosted an afternoon tea party with coffee and teas and delicious foods.  I made Bee Sting Cake, lemon ginger cookies and scones (coming soon!); my mom made the sandwiches.  This afternoon tea is one of those themed parties I was talking about on my list (#5).  We even used beautiful, handpainted delicate girly china (sorry--forgot to get a picture....)  It was very nice (if I can say so myself), and most importantly, everyone had a blast!

{The full afternoon tea food spread}

{Orange, cheese & green onion, plain and chocolate chip scones}

{Tea sandwiches: salmon with lemon butter on pumpernickel, chicken salad on whole wheat, cucumber with dill cream cheese on rye, and ham and horseradish mustard on sourdough}

{As a favour, all the ladies got to take home a flower bouquet}

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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