Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy Birthday!!!!

Today is my birthday!  Or as my mom so frequently and lovingly mentions, my birthday technically only lasts 19 minutes since I was born at 11:41 PM.  (Thanks mom)

{Baby picture--not sure how old I am here}

As I celebrate another birthday, I can't help but think of time and aging.  My best friend called me a few weeks ago almost panicked at the thought of the late twenties (it's almost 30! she exclaimed).  I am not scared or frightened by age--I never really have been.  I never really celebrated the milestones like 18 or 21 because I have always felt much older than my technical age. 

{A few years old--maybe 4}

{I am about 12/13 here} 

But, I feel different.  Between the ages of 18-24(ish) I felt like I had an adult maturity with a child's mind.  For example, I would ask for everyone's opinion on decisions, secretly wanting them to make it for me.  Within the last year or so, I feel like I've finally become the adult that I pretended to be.  I still ask for opinions, but now I make the decision myself--I don't expect them to do it for me.  I think that's what those years are for: to find your adult self.  I guess what I am trying to say is that I feel completely like myself, and I am comfortable with every part of me--the good and the bad.

{Senior pictures at 18}

So that's what I am going to share with you: the good and bad parts of me!  They aren't in any order and written until I couldn't think of anything else to share, and I will not label anything "good" or "bad" because they are all me!

{Marble cake--my favorite that I made for my family birthday dinner yesterday (coming this week!)}

1.  I love fashion.  In fact, if the hubby was willing to take pictures of me this would probably be a food and fashion blog.  Why?  Because as a "plus-sized" woman, I believe we have been sorely misrepresented (if represented at all), and I would like to be someone who inspires others to love and appreciate themselves and their bodies no matter what size they are.

2.  I never thought that I would get married.  Seriously--never like never, ever.

3.  I hate/loathe/despise skunks especially their smell.  Funny story--my dog got spray 3 times by skunks, and twice was within a week of each other.  Since I was the only person that could walk up to the dog without vomiting, I got to wash him every. single. time.  By the way, tomato sauce does NOT work!!!  Only baking soda, Dawn, and hydrogen peroxide mixed together works.

4.  I can wiggle my ears.

5.  I suffer from over-worry and uncalled-for-anxiety (nothing medically diagnosed).  It's something that I am working on, and I am getting much better about it.

6.   I still sleep with the teddy bear that I got shortly after being born.  He is still intact although he has been through a couple of surgeries and has three patches.  I can sleep without him, but I can't stand the thought of him on a shelf or in a box for the rest of my life.  His name is Bearly.

7.  I LOVE Disney/Pixar movies.  My favorites are Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Tangled, The Little Mermaid, Wall-E, Hercules and Tarzan.   And yes--I sing along with every song!

8.  I cannot stand the smell or taste of anise.  In fact, I typically don't like anything with a licorice taste.

9.  I follow rules, policies and procedures very strictly.

10.  Garlic, pineapple, butter, and dark chocolate are my favorite foods.

11.  I am a 'planner'; I am rarely, if ever, spontaneous.

12.  I would like to sky-dive and bungee jump before I die (I love heights--and falling from them).

13.  The one (and only) time I have ever been drunk was on New Years 2013.  NEVER AGAIN.

14.  I do not like extremely large crowds, e.g. football games, theme parks, and major concerts.  It stresses me out.

15.  I love to clean and organize.

16.  I love to try new food, drinks and activities.

17.  I am a private person so this list is a bit challenging :o)

18.  I am allergic to the sun.  Yes, it is recognized medical condition, and the hives are no joke.  Spring is the worst time of year because the sun is getting stronger after winter, but by early summer, my skin has gotten enough exposure that it doesn't bother me too much.

19.  I don't get subtle hints; if you want something from me, please be direct but polite.

20.  My favorite cuisine is Middle Eastern/Mediterranean.

21.  I've always wanted a tattoo.  Just a small one somewhere not visible to others; I do not know what I want, but I am afraid that I am allergic to the ink (I have many, many skin allergies).

22.  I love black and white photography especially landscape; I adore Ansel Adams's work.

23.  I can be on Death's doorstep with one foot over the threshold, and I still feel INCREDIBLY guilty about calling in sick.

24.  I don't care for clingy/needy people or pets.

25.  I sing in the car (not the shower), and if a song that I really love comes on, I SHAMELESSLY rock it out!!!! (complete with on-stage singing and chair dancing!!!)

{On my wedding day last year which is coming up in October!}

So here's to another year on this planet with wonderful friends and family, food and wine, and good times!

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