Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday Tip: How to Deglaze a Pan

Searing or browning ingredients in a recipe can really add depth of flavor, especially if you degalze the pan to get all the browned bits off the bottom.  Today, I'll walk you through exactly how to deglaze a pan!

{Step 1:  Sear and/or brown meat or vegetables in a pan to get some good burnt-on pieces}

{Step 2:  Get a wooden spoon, the flatter the better}

{Step 3:  Use the wine called for in the recipe and SLOWLY pour it into the hot pan.  Please be careful because it will cause a large amount of steam!  If you don't want to use wine, anything acidic will work, tomato juice, lemon juice, vinegar, etc}

{Step 4:  Scrape!!!  Use that elbow grease!}

{Step 5:  Dump out the liquid into the crockpot or continue making the sauce (whatever the recipe states)}

{Step 6:  Enjoy the easy clean-up! (and delicious sauce)}

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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