Tuesday, October 22, 2013

About the Town: Le Matin French Bakery

**I know that I said that I don't go out to eat often, but this year has been an exception.  I have eaten at so many fantastic places (and been back more than once!) that I felt I needed to share with my fellow Lexingtonians!  So any time I go out to eat, and the food/service is great, I'll review it on here.  I am not paid for this, and all opinions are my own!**

It's no secret--I have a soft spot for desserts and good food in general.  When I stumbled across this little bakery and tasted their desserts, they made a customer for life!  I go about once a month for coffee and cake.  My mom and I went the other week, and I figured that I would share.

{Neighborhood bakery}

{This is the dessert display.  They also have a display with cookies and croissants.  They make bread, and you can place orders for breads/desserts}

{Blackberry Pear Tart (left) and Strawberry Tart (right)}

They don't have an official website, but if you would like more information please visit their Facebook page.

They also serve a little lunch every day that they are open.  I haven't tried that--I can't get past their desserts!

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