Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday Tip: Cutting Round Ingredients

Cutting round ingredients is a pain-in-the-behind!  Especially when the Chef pulls a 50 pound bag of carrots out and tells you to cut the carrots all into itty-bitty-teeny-tiny squares (brunoise)--agony!  However, there are some tips to cutting round ingredients like carrots and potatoes that makes them more uniform so therefore they cook evenly!

Potatoes will be displayed on the left and carrots on the right!

Step 1:  Gather the vegetable, knife and cutting board. 

Step 2:  Hold the vegetable firmly and cut down the center (width wise).  With carrots, you want to cut the fatter half away from the slimmer half.

Step 3:  Cut the vegetable in half lengthwise.  The potato is laid on the flat side while the carrot is still held firmly in your hand.

{Extra step:  Either vegetable might still be too big for what you need so make more lengthwise cuts until you get the desired size--regardless of the vegetable, turn the flat side to the board for more stability}

Step 4:  Lay the vegetable on the longest flat side and make parallel cuts into the vegetable lengthwise.

Step 5:  Start making cuts perpendicular to the vegetable to get the desired dice you want (potato was a 3/4 inch dice while carrots were a 1/4 inch dice)

Step 6:  Repeat with remaining vegetable(s) and use however you need to use them.

Whew!  Hopefully the pictures help because explaining it was a bit of an adventure!  Let me know if you have any questions!

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