Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday Tip: How to Slice a Melon

Have you ever seen a whole melon that smelled so delicious that you wanted to take it home?  But you didn't because you didn't know how to cut it up....  Well!  Today's tip will help solve that!  A knife is involved so please be careful!  I bought a cantalope at the farmers market that smelled heavenly and tasted even better!

{Step 1: Gather a cutting board, a knife and melon}

{Step 2: Cut a flat surface on the top and bottom.  This will make the melon stable as you "peel" it}

{Step 3: Cut about 1/4 inch into the melon from the peel.  Cut in a downward and rounded motion with the melon}

{"Peeled" melon}

{Step 4: Cut the melon in half}

{Halved melon}

{Step 5: Take a spoon and scoop out the seeds and seed membrane (structure that holds the seeds in place)}

{De-seeded and de-membraned melon}

{Step 6: Place the melon half on the flat side and cut along with width for melon slices}

{Step 7 (optional): Lay some melon slices down and cut into bite-sized pieces}

{Bite-sized melon chunks!}

See?  Not that difficult, but practice does make perfect!  You can use this method on any melon, watermelon included.  The only difference with a watermelon is that you won't remove the seeds.

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