Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday Tip: Soak Rice

One of the most ridiculous tips I learned in culinary school is the following: soak your rice at least 8 hours before cooking to cook it faster.  It sounds crazy, I know, but yes it works!  What's even better, is that soaking the rice before you use it releases some of the starch in the rice making it sticky (aka easier to eat).  Read on about how to soak rice!

{Step 1: Place 1 cup rice in a bowl}

{Step 2: Add 2 cups water to rice and allow to sit for 8-12 hours}

{Step 3: Drain rice and cook like normal}

Yes--that's it!  This brown rice takes about 1 1/2 hours to cook, but with this method it took about 30 minutes!  Plus, the starch that was brought to the surface makes the rice sticky (very sticky for white rice).  This trick is done in Asia especially since most eat with chopsticks.  And how easy is it to cut the cooking time by 2/3 by just taking 5 minutes and soaking your rice?  Too easy!

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